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Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Library

ATSILIRN Conference

2-3 August 2005

AIATSIS is the world's leading centre for research into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and lifestyles - past and present. The AIATSIS Library holds the world's most extensive collection of printed materials on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander topics, as such is the ideal host for Deadly Directions, current and emerging trends in Libraries, Archives and Information Services for Indigenous knowledge.

Deadly, defined by the Australian Macquarie Dictionary as extremely accurate, effective, also as fantastic, terrific. Diana Eades defines deadly as really good, impressive. All of these definitions is what this conference is all about, bringing together some of the terrific, fantastic, effective and impressive things that are happening in the Library and Information Sector relating to Indigenous knowledge and then to explore the terrific, fantastic, impressive and deadly future.

Themes include:

                   Gathering together Indigenous knowledge

                   Indigenous Library services

                   Implications for Indigenous knowledge in the digital age

                   Ongoing responsibilities to culture

                   Institutions of memory

                   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols for libraries, archives

                       and information services

                   Who speaks for us? Relaunching ATSILIRN

Mick Dodson describes AIATSIS as  a vibrant and exciting place to work which could not be done elsewhere and addressing the challenges at a national level. If you are  involved in providing information services to Indigenous clients and/or looking after Indigenous knowledge then this is the place to be, this is the conference for you!!

Deadly eh!


For more information please contact:

Rebecca Stubbs

Ph: 02 62461127



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