Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Inc. Adelaide South Australia

17th - 18th November 2010

Recording by non-Indigenous people of Indigenous culture has occurred since before the First Fleet sailed into Botany Bay. These records can take to form of snippets of information in a personal diary to anthropological research or magnificent collections of photographs, charts and notes that represent the only information that we have about a group of people. With the 21st century computers have given the world unprecedented access to this information. The question that has been asked continuously is should we have that access?

ATISLIRN conferences aim to inform and educate. This conference also aims to debate the issues surrounding Indigenous communities' rights in relation to computers, databases and the internet. It will be more interactive than others with workshops scheduled to complete our 11th Protocol on Digitisation.

Tandanya is the Kaurna word of Red Kangaroo place and is situated on the land of the Red Kangaroo Ceremony. The Red Kangaroo is also reflected in the design of their logo. Tandanya is a leading cultural centre that showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, culture, history and heritage. It is therefore appropriate that Tandanya be the venue for our 2010 conference.

The "Computer Age" is here to stay - Come to Adelaide and have your say!