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2Deadly: the 2006 ATSILIRN conference

Loris Williams Grant

In 2005 a cherished founding member and former ATSILIRN President, Loris Williams, sadly passed away. Loris worked for many years in both the library and archives field and was a profound presence in the communities in which she lived. ATSILIRN would like to remember Loris by naming this grant $1000 in her memory.

ATSILIRN conferences are a great opportunity for members to get together to share ideas, support one another and just plain have a good time!

Loris (extreme right) and other Queensland delegates at ATSILIRNís first conference in 1994

Unfortunately when conferences are held in a state or town other than your own, it is almost impossible to attend and finding the money can be a big factor behind that.

The Loris Williams grant is available to a lucky recipient to attend ATSILIRN conferences and it is envisaged that this grant will be in place for many years to come!

There are only two criteria needed to apply for the Loris Williams Grant and they are (1) you are an Australian Indigenous member of ATSILIRN and (2) you do not come from the location where the conference is being held. You will need to fill in an application form that includes a paragraph detailing why you should get the grant and how it will help your career in the information field and send the Executive Committee.

The Loris Williams Grant can be used to pay for accommodation, travel costs, food or conference registration Ė itís up to you. All we ask is that the money be used solely to attend the conference.


Charles Darwin University

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