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2Deadly: the 2006 ATSILIRN conference

8-9 April 2008

Charles Darwin University, Darwin

Listen Up! Speak Up! is being co hosted by ATSILIRN and the Northern Territory Library.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library, Information and Resource Network (ATSILIRN), is a professional support network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in libraries and for professionals providing for the information needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ATSILIRN was established in 1993 and this is our seventh conference.

Listen Up! Speak Up! is being held at the library of Charles Darwin University, Darwin. Charles Darwin University is an Australian university with a difference. Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, a region spanning the wet tropics in the north to arid desert in the south, the university offers unique and exciting study opportunities in one of the world’s most culturally and biologically diverse regions.

Northern Territory Library (NTL) provides for the information, educational and cultural needs of the people of the Northern Territory through a range of services. The NTL provides leadership in the delivery of library services throughout the Northern Territory and delivers public library services in partnership with Department of Employment, Education and Training, and Community and Local Government. The NTL is developing Libraries and Knowledge Centres with access to knowledge and information through core library services, including English literacy, information literacy programs and recreational activities. The Libraries enable the acquisition and preservation of local knowledge in communities and provide training and support to community members engaged in acquiring and preserving knowledge.

Listen Up! Speak Up! follows on from the 2006 2Deadly conference at the University of Technology Sydney.

Listen Up! Speak Up! Themes include:

• Education & Training
• Employment
• Digitisation

For further information, contact:

Charles Darwin University

Conference Programme  | Speakers  |  Registration Form | Loris Williams Grant 

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